Brian Houston Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church

“Tom’s broad life-experiences, coupled with his service to the Church have given him a unique perspective and understanding. This is a courageous and honest assessment of the Church in a Biblical, historical and eternal context.  I believe those who venture into these pages will see the Church from a more vibrant perspective – as profoundly powerful and vastly underestimated.  These are strategic days in the history of the church and we should do all we can to position her to fulfil her call and awaken the beauty within.”

Craig Groeschel Senior Pastor of LifeChurch.tv

“Tom Rawls’ passion for the local church and all that it can accomplish is inspiring. This is a good book for anyone who needs reminding of the beauty, power and true mission of God’s church.”

Craig Groeschel is the author of Christian Atheist and IT

Mark Batterson Lead Pastor of National Community Church in Washington DC

“Whatever you do don’t be misinformed – Relentless is a great read! It is challenging, passionate and gives a majestic picture of the church! Tom Rawls writes with a fresh and inspiring voice. It is clear in Relentless that Tom Rawls believes what Jesus said, “I will build MY church!” Pastors and church leaders – get it, read it and pass it one to everyone in your church; I recommend this book.”

Mark Batterson is the author of several books including Wild Goose Chase, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day as well as Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity

Wayne Alcorn Senior Pastor of Brisbane City Church, Australia, National President of ACC

“Tom Rawls is a pioneer. He’s a “journey man”, and he’s been used by God to provoke thought and action. It has been an inspiration to watch him lead in his own unique style for almost 3 decades in 3 very different cultures (Australia, Thailand and the UK). All the while, he has retained a freshness in his approach to leadership, a passion to stay in touch with culture and a prophetic edge to his message. This book captures his quest for truth and relevance, his understanding of current trends, and his heart to see the Church be the unstoppable force its founder meant it to be.”

Dr Scott Wilson President of Eurolead.net, Founder of ICLM

“I have known Tom and Denise for many years, probably too many! Tom has a big heart for the church and this is reflected in his book “Relentless” The title more aptly describes Tom. He is relentless in his pursuit of vision and his passion for the church is all pervading. Relentless is a timely book about THE church but also about A church. Pastors, leaders, volunteers and any student of the church will enjoy the story of the church, but especially one church, on its journey of reshaping, change, and, ultimately, growth. Challenging, witty, engaging and provoking, a must read for all.”

Scott Wilson is the author of The G Factor: Using vision, values, goals and strategy to build a church”; President of Eurolead.net, Founder of the Institute for Creativity, Leadership and Management (ICLM)

Danny Guglielmucci Senior Minister of Edge Church International

“In all the years that I’ve known Tom Rawls I have always found him to be a strategic leader who challenges people’s thinking to work and operate outside the boxes that restrict the Church from moving forward.  This book will challenge, inspire and extend you.”

Dave Gilpin Senior Pastor of HopeCity Church, England

“In John chapter one, the Bible says that the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. This is a book about just that – the Word infesting a man who has become relentless in his pursuit of changing the world for Christ. ‘Relentless’ has always been the tattoo etched into the heart of Tom Rawls. In the Eighties he broke tradition and touched a youth culture for Jesus, in the Nineties he touched the world’s underclass, and this century he is touching the Western world for Jesus. He has never relinquished, never quit, never backed down and never stopped. This book is infectious. You may become what you read.”

Dave Gilpin is the author several books including Sacred Cows Make Great BBQs

Mal Fletcher Chairman 2020 Plus, Social Commentater, Broadcaster, Futurist

“In Relentless, Tom Rawls gives us a compelling vision of the majestic force Christ’s church might become, if she is willing to re-align herself with the revolutionary principles of the New Testament. He artfully and honestly combines his firsthand experience of re-firing the heart of an urban church, with sound biblical ecclesiology. His call for leadership over management and spiritual potency over fatalistic defeatism, must not fall on deaf ears if the

Western church is to once more become Christ’s ‘city on a hill’.”

Mal Fletcher: Chairman 2020Plus, social commentator, author, broadcaster, futurist author of several books including: The Church of 2020 and Five Big Ideas: Concepts That Shape Our Culture

Brendan White Lead Pastor of Hillsong Church, Paris

“Tom Rawls is a great man. When you spend time with Tom you are always inspired…always!! Tom is a great thinker and writer and as you read his journey in building the Church you find yourself not just reading words but feeling and catching the passion of a courageous leader that’s full of great insight. Tom thank you so much for being you, showing us how to navigate in leadership and how to enjoy the journey.”

Steve Penny

“Tom Rawls has walked the leadership journey. Having spent years in a number of diverse cultures he is well equipped to write concerning the church of the third millennium.

Tom is a well read, articulate and most of all passionate concerning the church he sees shaping Europe’s future. I found this book to be strongly prophetic, biblically balanced and instinctively futuristic and full of hope.”

Steve Penny is an equipper of leaders. After many years of pioneering and leading significant churches, Steve Penny has now launched an On-Line Global Academy to train leaders for the next millennium.

Tim Hall Evangelist

“It has been my joy not to have just known Tom Rawls for nearly 30 years but to have had the privilege of spending wonderful times together (as young ministers) working on church planting projects and establishing our philosophy of ministry. Tom was always passionate and successful in the pioneering of a number of new churches across Australia, Asia and now the U.K. He has consistently raised up strong leadership and has always sought the establishment of the body of Christ on real apostolic foundations. Tom has always been passionate about God building His church and us having the blue prints. Much prayer and long periods of fasting laid his foundations strongly. He always seemed ahead in his thinking and constantly dared to push out into unchartered waters. This book is not theory but a true challenge for the future, learned by a true church planter with strong relentless apostolic drive and passion. Relentless is a good description of my friend Tom Rawls.”

Tim Hall is An evangelist and one of Australia’s favourite preachers. He leads an international ministry with it highlights in crusade evangelism www.timhallusa.com

Mark Conner Senior Leader of CityLife Church, Melbourne, Australia

“Every since I first met Tom Rawls, I have been impressed by his passion for God and his willingness to push the boundaries to see God’s kingdom established on the earth. Two thousand years ago, Jesus said that he would build his church but what did he have in mind … and does today’s church reflect his vision? In this book, Tom leads us on a journey, asking the tough questions and encouraging us to relentlessly pursue what Jesus really had in mind for his church in our time. I highly recommend it!”

Mark Conner: Senior Leader of CityLife Church in Melbourne, Australia and author of 7 Strategic Changes Every Church Must Make

Alun Davies Senior Pastor of Faith! Church, Melbourne, Australia

“Inspiring, energetic, charismatic, visionary, pioneer, man of faith. These are some of the things that come to mind when I think of Tom Rawls. I have known Tom for many years and he has always been an inspiration to me. I have seen him succeed in many areas of ministry. He has overcome difficulties and challenges and leads people into break through and blessing where ever he goes. Tom Rawls is a man of outstanding ability and his book carries the spirit of faith that marks him as one of Gods leaders of influence.”

Alun Davies serves as Vice President of the Australian Christian Churches as well as the current President of the ACC International the world missions arm of the ACC.

George Forbes Former General Director of AOG Australia: World Missions

“RELENTLESS!  What a great title for a book by my good friend and colleague, Tom Rawls. His objectives of inspiration, equipping and providing a road map for existing and new churches are clear and concise. Tom doesn’t waste words or write from a distance. He shares from a genuine heart, his love for God, his love for Jesus Christ and his love for the Church.

Tom believes deeply and is committed to the fulfilling of all that God plans for His Church in Europe and the whole world. Tom’s declaration,  “I hear the sound of a generation rising with a roar, so full of energy that not even the armed forces of Hell will stand in their way,” is very encouraging at a time when churches need to hear again from the Lord of the Church.”

George Forbes is the Former General Director of Assemblies of God World Missions in Australia for 30 years. He now leads Mission Mobilisers International and is widely known as the ‘story-teller’.

Ashley Evans Senior Pastor of Paradise Community Church, Adelaide, Australia

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Tom Rawls for 2 decades during which time he has been a pioneer of new paradigms and innovative church ministry. At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the church is in transition.  What we do now is crucial to the impact and influence of the church in decades to come.

This book is an important addition to the discussion of what the church should be and how it needs to transform in order to fulfil God’s purpose and lofty ideas for his church.  Tom’s insights into the church that is, and the church that God is wants to build is inspiring and challenging.”

Ashley Evans is also the Founder of Influencers, Co-founder of Family First Political Party and is on the National Executive for ACC Australia,

Ashley Schmierer International President of Christian Outreach Centres

“‘Relentless’ is a book of intense passion. Tom Rawls’ and Christ’s love for the church on every page is highly contagious.  This book is compelling reading and I highly recommend it to every church leader.”

Ashley Schmierer is the author of Fruit for Eternity: Reaching Humanity Through God’s Love and Power

Lindsay Clarke: President and Founder Metamorphic International

“Tom Rawls embodies everything that this book is about as he relentlessly pursues the dream of making Gods Church great” “this book will stir your spirit and excite your soul to do the same”

Jason Cask Senior Leader of C7 Church, Glasgow, UK

“Tom has done a brilliant job in communicating truth, wisdom and passion about the church. Personal insights and experience is of huge benefit and value to anyone who is needs a biblical understanding of who and what the church is. I thoroughly recommend this book to ALL believers and leaders in the church. What you don’t know you can’t communicate. This book will give you incredible knowledge about His church.”

Jachin Mullen Lead Pastor of Word of Life Church, Red Deer, Canada

“Tom Rawls LOVES the Church but HATES religion. His distinct humour and unique communication skill is refreshing and encouraging yet it challenges us to grow and change.  Tom’s lives out his love for Jesus and his belief in the local church, and his ministry is growing internationally because of his truly devoted life. I highly recommend RELENTLESS and Tom Rawls’ ministry in written form or in person. Tom is the genuine real deal”

Jachin Mullen is also an internationally recognised song writer and worship leader.

Maria Landon Best-selling Author

“Tom Rawls is a wonderful preacher; he has the ability to deliver a message to hundreds of people with clarity and relevance. Yet, he can also connect you to that message in a way that makes you believe that it has been written just for you. He bridges the gap, breaks down the barriers and leads you straight into the arms of Jesus.

Tom is a leader yet He has the ability to ‘see’ people. His passion is the church yet he knows the church is made up of each unique and valued individual. His passion is healthy growth and development for individuals and Christ’s church. Tom often says ‘can you hear my heart?’ I am delighted to read this book and hear his heart through the words on these pages.

It is an honour to call Pastor Tom and His wife Denise my friends and to be part of our vibrant and healthy church that pro actively reaches out to our city and beyond.  My prayer is that this book is not only read worldwide but that its readers will be impassioned and encouraged to step out in faith and build Christ’s Church into the healthy, vibrant and beautiful Church that Tom describes, the church that God intended it to be.”

Maria Landon is the author of two top ten bestselling books: Daddy’s Little Earner and Escaping Daddy: Published internationally and to date translated into four different languages

Jon Cook Senior Pastor of NCLC, Newcastle and Middlesbrough, UK

“In this book my friend and mentor, Pastor Tom Rawls, will open your eyes to the radiant beauty that is the bride of Christ. Pastor Tom’s heart and passion for the local church shines through each page as does his realistic view of her. Thank you Tom for a fresh reminder of what we belong to.”

John Greenow Senior Pastor of Xcel Church, Newton Aycliffe, UK

“Pastor Tom Rawls is passionate about building strong powerful churches and seeing the church in Europe rise up to its full potential. This book is a clarion call to be involved in what Jesus is doing now. You will be challenged, inspired, motivated and moved. This is a must read for church leaders and everyone who wants to see change. In ‘Relentless, Pastor Tom sends out a clarion call to us all to be the leaders and the agents of change in Europe so that the Church of Jesus Christ can be all that it is destined to be. This book is destined to inspire and stir us to action. I heartily recommend it.”

James Galloway Senior Leader of Bethel City Church, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

“Tom Rawls crafts a verbal image of a church that is expansive, passion-filled, relevant and accessible to the Google Generation. As you read this book a passion for the House of God will re-ignite and any excuses why ‘it’s not happening’ will be thrown out of the window as Tom’s exuberance grasps your imagination of what God is looking for in His Church in the 21st Century. Be inspired.”