About The Book

Jesus said, “I will build my church!”
The Church

Relentless is a book about the church.

Relentless brings to life the glory, the majesty and the beauty of the church while emphasising the impact of the church in a 21st Century context.

Relentless is a practical book that encapsulates the potential of the church; its influence and its significance on a world that has sought to ignore her.

Relentless captures God’s heart for His Church; bringing value, worth and a sense of awe to a people being prepared as a Bride for His Son.

Relentless gives an understanding of Jesus’ intentions for His church and provides a clear picture of the divine mandate upon the lives of those who lead His church.

Relentless portrays the church in grand style and you’ll be astonished with Tom’s fresh expositional style and innovative take on well worn verse of scripture. His inspiring voice throughout the book will stir and challenge you to not only realise the possibilities of the church but to want to be a co-worker with Christ as He builds the church of His dreams.

Relentless is a book for every Christian and church leader. Set to the background of a personal journey of one leader and his struggle in bringing such a church into the 21st century Relentless will provoke, give you courage and inspire you about the possibilities of His church.